Database services and back office integration

Back Office Integration

Integrating the back office with the Internet is essential to improving the productivity of your business. SilverhHawk  Technology offers 20+ years of database development and implementation experience to help you bring the back office to the Internet.

Our developers will work with you to design a new database or improve an existing application. We support MySQL, Oracle and IBM DB2/400, and can manage a project of any size. In addition, we can integrate your shopping cart into your existing web site and other applications.

Database Services

To expand your company into a fully integrated e-business enterprise, SilverHawk Technology's experienced database and application software developers can integrate your business systems into your web site. Whether it's accounting, inventory, order entry, fulfillment, company statistics, or information lookup, SilverHawk Technology will bring your back office to the Internet. Let us will work with you to develop a quality e-business solution!